About us

SERVICIOS BAGEM, SL is a Spanish Firm domiciled in 28046-Madrid (Spain) Paseo de la Castellana, 176-1ยบ B. (Phone number +34 913500800). It was founded in 1987, immediately after Spain became a Member State of European Union.

Up to now, the main purpose of SERVICIOS BAGEM has been to provide VAT reimbursement services to carriers that have paid VAT on their trips to other Countries where they aren't established, owing to the acquisition of gas and toll services there. It has agreements with Companies in the non-cash payment systems industry and its clients number in the thousands.

The initial founder was the Spanish Law Firm Bufete de Asesores de Empresa, SL (BAE.) which currently holds a significant stake in SERVICIOS BAGEM. BAE specializes in Civil, Commercial and Tax Law. It is highly regarded in Spain and renders recurrent professional legal advice to a rather large number of carefully chosen domestic and foreign Companies, having reach prestige as true problem solver in legal affairs.

The Company Group has grown continuously while entering other industries. The most relevant is our own very resourceful IT Company CIF, SL. which has made possible all that is being offered on this website. It was founded in 1996 and has the wherewithal to develop software products for providing companies with effective solutions to their problems. It has its own developed product portfolio which, among others, are its singular solution of Enterprise Content Manager (www.cifkm.com), and its ERP (www.ciftrack.com) with a version for road carriers (www.ciftrans.com).

As soon as we learned about the details of French MACRON Law we realized that complying with it wasn't a matter for lawyers and labor consultants, as it will soon become a routine, but rather an IT matter in which we have the wherewithal to provide a fast and effective software solution to the transport industry as a service through a server hosted in the cloud (the Amazon's cloud). We did it and here we are.

In July 2016 we developed a very quick solution to deal with the imminent legal requirements and we submitted a patent to EPO in what the solution has novelty. Now we are improving the service by adding the appropriate tools and conveniences.